About Us

We’re in the business of hosting great ideas.

IPH Education is a mission driven, IT imparting institute that visions to establish one of the finest and industry oriented training and development courses of almost every meaningful contribution to Computer Science.

IPH has been known for its ultra-quality deliverance for over a decade in various corporate IT and other business solutions, which now embarks to launch its indispensible and goal oriented Education Division to deliver beyond expectations contributing to establish winning man power of advanced technologies. Gexton Education will go an extra mile and mimic those potentials of information technology tools that were never touched, infusing the advanced learning of every major segment of IT building blocks, from Web and Apps Development, SEO and Online Marketing Strategies to institutionalizing Information Security parameters to initiate parallel combat towards upcoming technology challenges.




Our Faculty

Sammeer Khan

Front Desk Officer

I believe to that the tendency of Persuading a standard & quality of Education is the priority. This is why I keep my head up like my nose is bleeding.

Zubair Shaikh


Being an experienced and enthusiastic person, trainer and instructor I make myself as an iconic personality named as enormous and experienced route to go.A Damn creativity, designs and innovation is in your blood!

Cindy Chow

Karate & Sambo

She is a passionate hardcore Java Professional and like to teach technology that relates to Java. Since 2010 she tuned to Android because of its Open Source.

Peter Parker

IT Expert

My PLC / HMI experience includes projects from $10k up to about $40m, primarily within the realm of chemical processing and filtration.